Beta Carotene

Beta Carotene
Product Description
Beta Carotene is bright red colored organic compound which is widely utilized in food, pharmaceutical, & dietary preparations. It is known to have ability to reduce LDL levels in blood thus assists in healthy cardiovascular functions. This compound is said to have chemical formula C40H56 with molar mass of 536.888 g/mol and density of 1.00 g/cm3. It is naturally found in vegetables & fruits including onion, carrots, & squash and is responsible for imparting vibrant colors. Beta Carotene shows superior antioxidant property thus helps in fighting cancer and also plays a key role in improving brain health & concentration power.


Product Name

Natural Carrot extract, Beta carotene


Orange yellow powder
Active Ingredient: beta carotene




  • Antioxidants (preventing skin from dry , rough)
  • Constituting the photosensitive material within the visual cells
  • Promoting the growth and development of the body and preventing congenital deficiency
  • Promoting the healthy growth of bones and teeth
  • Maintaining reproductive function
  • reventing and restraining lung cancer
  • Coloring agents, Nutrition Enhancer

Package & Storage

Packing: 1kg/bag 25kg/barrel

Storage: cool, dry, dark, away from heat

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